An ICT and renewable energy specialist has joined forces with Seaham-based Great Annual Savings in a deal that plugs the energy consultancy’s clients into the electric vehicle revolution.

UCS Technologies offers its clients a range of services including networking, security and energy solutions.

And with an ever-increasing number of electric vehicles rolling off production lines around the globe, bosses at UCS decided to go into a mutually beneficial partnership with Great Annual Savings to boost their own offer to clients.

Paul Kidd, operations director at UCS Technologies, said: “Electric Vehicle (EV) charging is one of the services we offer to our customers, and we expect to see massive growth in it over the next 18 months.

“Great Annual Savings identified as a local firm with specialist skills in this area, and we installed some charge points at their new base in Seaham.

“We can direct our customers to them for their energy requirements, and there’s a reciprocal agreement where GAS customers who require charge points will be directed to ourselves.

“It is an excellent joint venture where the customer can potentially add a fully or part-funded EV charging package as part of their standard utility contracts renewal.

“Alongside UCS, GAS can review a customer’s current position and provide a range of options to best suit their needs and potentially provide a full EV charging solution with no upfront cost.”

Paul’s 38-strong team, which operates from an HQ at Riverside Park in Middlesbrough, initially secured contracts in the EV charge market as far back as December 2018, and the business has grown at an impressive rate – despite the fact the vast majority of the last year has been hugely affected by the pandemic.

The last financial results showed a turnover of £3.6m, with £4m predicted for next year and then an additional £2m on top of that the following year.

Paul added: “We did have orders placed which were due to start in March last year, and obviously the lockdown wasn’t ideal.

“We have lots of contracts in the pipeline, and they will be stepped up over the next few months.

“The EV market is growing, and manufacturers are producing more cars which need charging.

“We’ve installed 12 charge points at James Cook University Hospital, and where new commercial buildings are built there is a requirement for 20 charging points in a 300-space car park.

The need for EV charging points across all walks of life is only going to increase. Take a hotel as an example – if a visitor is pulling up in a Tesla car when they drive around the UK on business, they need somewhere to charge their car during their stay.

“That’s just one example, but it goes without saying that the more electric cars that are on the road, the more our services will be required.”

Lee Debenham, team manager of value-added services at GAS, said: “We’ve experienced an exponential rise in the interest of our value-added services over the past 12 months.

“As businesses endeavour to make cost-savings across all areas, GAS has diversified its proposition and now offers over 13 cost-saving services.

“EV charging has dominated the sector, with both consumers and businesses recognising not only the environmental benefits but also the economic gains to be made.

“As the UK EV charging infrastructure develops, and motor manufacturers ramp up the development of electric vehicles, we’re excited to be working with businesses in their mission to become carbon neutral.

“So far, we have worked with UCS to install a number of high-performance EV chargers at business premises in Seaham and we’re looking forward to expanding this across our nationwide network.”

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