Summer normally passes relatively quietly for those in construction, allowing time to take stock and catch a breath before preparing staff, vehicles, tools and supplies for the demands of the busier winter months.

This year has seen a significant rise in demand for home improvements, thanks to people staring at their own walls during the pandemic and travel restrictions which forced hundreds of thousands to cancel foreign summer holidays.

J&C’s Roofing and Building Services, a Durham-based family-owned company, has taken on extra builders to cope with demand from homeowners looking to make significant or simpler, long overdue changes to their properties.

Like so many, directors Jamie and Cresswell Welch, and their then-eight-man team, were forced to down tools in March, but J&C’s experienced crew made their initial return to Durham’s rooftops in May.

With the new-look website’s interactive booking service, the additional three builders have helped one of County Durham’s most reliable building firms cope with the demand for their wide-ranging skills in and out of buildings.

Jamie said: “Normally this time of year is a slow period with people going away and the last thing they want is spending money on home improvements, but a downturn enables us to take stock and prepare for winter.

“It has been crazy since we came back. Perhaps people have a bit of extra money because they are not going abroad but the main motivation is they have been spending more time at home and spotted little projects around the house.

“Our client list has really grown but we are getting the rewards because we have worked really hard since we started the business.

“We have never been in a better position to expand the workforce and the standard of the candidates has been very impressive, which is reassuring as we look to continue expanding.”

The Welch brothers’ five-year-old company in Glenburn House, Sherburn Road, is now one of the leading roof repair outfits across the north, using hi-tech waterproofing protection to prevent full roof replacements.

J&C’s Roofing and Building Services signs will be a familiar sight in Thornley following the completion of a six-figure, eight-week mini-supermarket conversion on a former Methodist church.

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