We are going through some extremely challenging times. But as always, we’re going to continue backing Wearside and County Durham – through our magazine, website and social media.

Of course, recent developments have changed the business landscape across the Wear region – and it is sometimes difficult to remain positive in such uncertain times.

All members of the Resolution Media and Publishing team are now working from home, but we’re fortunate that we’re still able to function as a business.

We’re continuing to put together lots of exciting content for the spring issue of Wear Business, including an excellent feature on high-profile Sunderland entrepreneur Paul Callaghan – with some stunning images by Graeme Rowatt.

We’ll also have important information and signposts for business help, which businesses will hopefully find useful amidst this COVID-19 crisis.

So we’re very much continuing to produce the spring issue of Wear Business and we’re on course for the magazines to be delivered in April – it will be online before then then, too.

We also have some ideas which will enable us to get the printed magazine circulated, as well as increasing views of the online issue.

We plan to spend time and money promoting the online issue of Wear Business.

Many people will be working from home, so they will be spending more time online. We plan to take advantage of that by spending more money on Facebook and LinkedIn ads – promoting not only the online version of the magazine, but also our clients’ content, making sure it is still being seen by thousands of people.

If, when the magazines are ready for circulation/delivery, and government advice/law changes on social distancing, clearly we will need to postpone circulation of the printed magazines until a later date. But the online version will go ahead. We’ll continue to monitor the situation and keep our readers informed.

In the meantime, if there’s anything we can do to help you – in terms of any advice you could offer to businesses that we could publish online – do get in touch with us (info@wear.business).

If there’s one thing this region is good for, it’s standing together, looking out for each other and supporting one another – we really are in this together.

We are set for even more challenging times ahead, but we will recover stronger, and we’ll do that by working together.

Colin Young and Graeme Anderson
Co-editors, Wear Business



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