It gives me great pleasure to provide the guest foreword for what I think is a brilliant addition to the business scenes of the Wear region.

Martin Walker, from Resolution Media and Publishing, approached me a few months ago about this concept. He showed me some of the publications his team are producing elsewhere in the North-East, and it really didn’t take me long to decide.

The feeling was that the Sunderland and Durham regions aren’t fairly represented across the North-East region, and that a business magazine dedicated only to this area would help to redress the balance.

It’s fantastic to read about some of the great things that are happening in this first issue – and it’s confirmation that Sunderland and Durham very much mean business.

When we read so much bad news and negativity in the wider media – and on social media – positive publications are an essential tool to be able to spread good news and create a buzz. And this debut edition of Wear Business has that in abundance!

In this issue alone, we can hear more about the £100m riverside plans for Sunderland and the new £14m Jade Business Park currently being constructed near Dalton Park. And, of course, we hear more from cover star John Hays about his incredible journey – beginning from one humble store in Sunderland to the £1 billion group he has today.

While we can’t boast the same numbers as Hays Travel, the growth of our business, Great Annual Savings, is a success story of its own, and we were delighted to have the opportunity to talk about that in this first issue of Wear Business.

I’m genuinely excited for this region. There’s lots happening, we’re ambitious and we want to create a strong local economy, prosperity and wealth.

I’m confident Wear Business will contribute towards that in the years to come, and I look forward to reading about more positive business news from our great region in future issues.

Brad Groves
Chief executive, Great Annual Savings


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