Data2Action is a consultancy which does exactly what it says on the tin.

It comes into an organisation, analyses existing data, and from that, delivers efficiencies and improvements while staying on the right side of data protection legislation.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Yet thousands of businesses with an overwhelming amount of data miss out on benefits and good outcomes that are literally right in front of their eyes.

Data2Action, based at Sunderland BIC and operating across the North-East, exists to solve that problem and has seen success with high-profile clients including the North East LEP, Gateshead-based Thrift Energy and a number of SMEs in the local area.

The company was founded in 2017 by business partners Sarah Burns and Jason Turner, who have worked together for more than 15 years.

They launched Data2Action specifically because the company name drove to the heart of what they do.

“The reason we started the company was to help businesses turn their data into action, making things quicker, faster and more effective,” said Jason. “We combine business acumen and business data to drive increased value.

“Surveys show that, on average, a staggering 87 per cent of business data is unused.

“Yet research highlights that data-driven businesses are more opportunistic, more agile and ultimately more profitable.

“I have to make it clear that we are not data scientists, we are business people who understand data and can see the way in which they can improve business outcomes.

“As the business saying goes, ‘if you measure it, you will manage it’, and we provide higher quality at a lower cost.

“Our background is that we are operations and technology directors used to interpreting data for multi-million-pound organisations and we know how to exploit it.

“The problem for the business world in some respects is that businesses don’t know where to start.”

Sarah added: “Many companies invest in CRM technology to optimise data but don’t operate it properly or don’t maximise its potential – at which point they often look for another CRM to install.

“That’s where we come in – to make the maximum sense of the data they have.

“The technology is there to do the lifting but having the right leadership and using data is the key and that can be confusing to a lot of companies.

“We don’t sell software or boxes, we deal with people and processes and we carry out operational reviews to make efficiencies and boost the bottom line – Data2Action is all about showing a return on investment.”

One example of that was Data2Action’s work for Thrift Energy, which saved the company an incredible 30 per cent of its costs.

With the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the Data2Action team created a groundbreaking data tool, giving up-to-date data on young people’s career aspirations.

They are also highly experienced Data Protection consultants who help businesses navigate through legislation and there have been many national and North-East-based clients who they have protected.

“We are GDPR specialists who understand regulations and business compliance and can provide ongoing support,” said Sarah.

Data2Action is passionate about helping businesses across Wearside and the North-East win regulatory and efficiency battles and their mission is to work with and alongside companies rather than come in with preconceived ideas and impose a solution.

“We’re all about quality relationships,” said Sarah “We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and tailor everything to the client’s needs.

“We aim to help them every step of the way, be it making sense of their data or keeping the right side of the GDPR regulations and we always deliver value.”

For more information on Data2Action or to book a meeting, go to, email or call 0333 202 6397.



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